How to Make a Successful Online Store

Written in 14.11.2017 • By João Alves • in Ecommerce, Web design
27,045 reading(s)

How to Make a Successful Online Store

Written in 14.11.2017 • By João Alves • in Ecommerce, Web design
27,045 reading(s)

The typical consumer as he was known – who left home to make his occasional purchases – is disappearing gradually, giving place to a new consumer who prefers to make purchases in the comfort of his home or workplace. If until a few years ago, having an online store was a “whim”, nowadays those who have a physical business, need to go further with one online store if he wants to increase business.

E-commerce has been growing at a fairly rapid pace in Portugal. In our country, about 40% of Internet users already shop online, representing a total of 50 billion euros in sales. According to several studies conducted in the market is promising! Well .. today we give you some tips to make a successful online store.

1. Website Navigability

Your online store should work the best way possible, or even without any flaw. The store must be intuitive for the client, avoinding distractions to make him get lost when he wants to find and  buy some product.

The major problems in this type of website are: loading speed, lack of description of the product, images of poor quality.

2. Design

monitor com o website das joianinhas aberto, desenvolvido pela Imagine VirtualHaving an online store is not enough to be successful with sales. It is also a must offer a good visual experience to those who visit it, in order to leave a “mark” bringing them back to your site. (see this example: Joianinhas)

Be careful: Don’t use exaggerated colors, you should avoid at all costs the use of banners that hinder navigability.

Don’t flood customers with unnecessary information. If you don’t follow these simple rules, you will just be chasing the user of your page, without conversion. User will not became a Customer.

3. Security

cadeado a guardar a informação pessoal de um cartão e crédito para realizar compras onlineWhen you have a virtual store, the most important thing is security. It is mandatory to have the online store hosted on a good server that guarantees that all your customers’ data is not at risk of being stolen.
It is not just personal data – name, address, etc. – more important than that, it’s the bank accounts and credit cards. Before creating an online store, look for the best service that guarantees you have everything safe.

4. Payment Methods

Offer several options of Payment Methods to your customer – Paypal, Visa, Bank Transfer, ATM, etc. – don’t limit to only one or two payment options. Keep in mind, always opt for the most well-known and used payment methods. There is no point  having a payment option that almost nobody uses. Enjoy and get to know our article on 4 secure ways to buy online products

5. Customer Reviews

The opinion given by customers who have already purchased a product is very important. Feedback is not just for feedback on the product.  it works as help on decision to other customers. Regular consumers, use to check customer reviews on products, before buy any.

Whatever is the opinion on a product, never delete a comments even when it is not a confortable one. Reply everytime you have comments and try contact the dissatisfied client in order to try to understand what happened, and compensate him, if it is possible.

6. Create a Blog

A good investment in content marketing, is the blog creation to increase the bottom line of your business. Blog is a great option if you want to become a reference on the segment in which your business is in. Take good care of quality content that the users want to consume.

The blog is an excellent tool to attract and increase your sales and the notoriety of your brand, as well

7. Bet on Social Networks

logótipo de diversas redes sociais como Facebook, Instagram, Youtube em sacos de comprasTake advantage of social networks, and make them your allies. Use them as showcase of your store and get more customers.
Interact with your customers, make promotions, raffles, present novelties, etc. Pay attention, don’t promote just your products. offer your followers interesting and quality contents. Don’t forget to share the articles of your blog.

Each social network is different. The best thing you have to do, is invest in specific content to each of them.

Did you like our tips on how to have a successful online store?

Leave us your opinion and if you want, visit one of our latest projects: Joianinhas.

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