4 secure ways to buy online products

Written in 28.12.2017 • By João Alves • in Ecommerce
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4 secure ways to buy online products

Written in 28.12.2017 • By João Alves • in Ecommerce
1,828 reading(s)

We all know that the internet has completely changed the habits of society. Nowadays everything is a click away.

The bank account, the information, the fun and even the purchases. If in the first three points almost nobody is afraid of, the same can not be said when we talk about online purchases.

There are still those who stand behind when shopping online. In today’s article we will give you know some safe ways to shop online.


This is one of the most used platforms for making payments online. Paypal allows payment through various types of card, whether Visa, American Express or MasterCard. To make purchases with this type of service, you only have to register on the site and associate with your account the card you want to use to make the payments online. The great advantage of Paypal is that you never expose your data to the online store.

ATTENTION: PayPal usually charges a 3.5% fee on the final value of your purchase, when paid on a website in a foreign currency.


Ideal for those who don’t feel comfortable with credit cards or technologies. To use this service, you only have to go to an ATM on the Multibanco network, where you will be sent an identification and a secret code later, where you will later have to register on the internet. The advantage of MBNet is the possibility of creating a virtual card limited by the number of uses, by the available ceiling or by a certain time. This method is quite secure as you do not need to put your debit card details on the internet.


Simply stated, this service is a virtual bank account, which like a “regular bank” allows you to shop online, make deposits and transfer money. This method is widely used by gambling fans and online games, as it only allows you to spend the money available in the “online bank”. To start using this service you only have to register and transfer money to your virtual account.


Easy and fast is how this method can be defined. To enjoy Paysafecard, you don’t need to have any bank account, credit card or financial data. This card can be purchased at any Payshop or CTT store. The ceiling of this card varies between 10 and 100 euros, being free use for 12 months, if after 1 year still has a ceiling on the card, you will be charged a maintenance fee of € 2 per month. The card is already used in about 3,500 online stores by entering a 16-digit PIN.

Tell us what you think about each of the services that were mentioned in the article.

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