Written in 18.01.2017 • By João Alves • in General
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Written in 18.01.2017 • By João Alves • in General
1,562 reading(s)

There has been a long time that fake news on social networks are known, whether done intentionally or not. Facebook is one of the social networks most affected by this type of “news”.

There are several reasons for this, or because users believe in everything they see, using the old excuse “if it’s on the internet is true,” or by not even investigating the sources, ultimately naively spreading the information.

The most obvious case is that of the United States elections, where rumors were spread undercover to influence the opinion of American voters. Faced with such suspicions, Facebook decided that it was time to fight the fake news. It is not clear how Facebook will fight against this , but some ideas and proposals have begun to emerge.


noticia no facebook ao qual pergunta se ap utilizador se a noticia está de acordo com título para combater a notícias faltas que afectam a rede constantemente

  • Improvements in the algorithm in order to decrease the relevance of the articles published by the fake news sites. In this way the publications reachs a reduced number of users, reducing the possibility of dissemination.
  • Make reporting of fake news easy by asking the user’s opinion on the veracity of the news article.
    Partner with “fact-finding” companies (Snopes.com, PolitiFact and FactCheck.org). These companies are specialists in the deconstruction of myths and rumors, confirming or not the veracity of the news.
  • Notify users that the news has already been reported, as a possible fake news. Facebook expects the user to be warned that they may be facing fake news, will search for more information in order to draw their own conclusions.
  • Prohibit the advertising of post’s by the pages that have been denounced for having fake news. This prohibition will make the pages stop spreading.


Some of these measures are already being tested in the United States. Facebook in Portuguese is there also the possibility to report this news type, but only for some users. While the results of these new measures are not revealed, Facebook ensures that it will continue to engage in the fight against the fake news posted on its network

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