Learn how to use LinkedIn to advertise your business.

Written in 18.08.2016 • By João Alves • in Social Networks
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Learn how to use LinkedIn to advertise your business.

Written in 18.08.2016 • By João Alves • in Social Networks
617 reading(s)

Gone is the time that Linkedin was faced as the social network where everybody and brother, published resumés and was looking for better jobs.

Nowadays we have to look at this social network with same eyes as we look at Facebook or Twitter, but in a different positioning (B2B).

With more than 414 million users and constantly growing, Linkedin has huge potential to generate new business, which is more “qualified” than other networks.

This network is only focusing on professional themes, where users will find only topics,such as, photographs, videos, documents, presentations, related to the professional world.

Linkedin is also useful for establishing contact between professionals from different areas, cultures or level of experience.

This is the ideal network for establishing professional contacts, not like Facebook or Twitter, which works better as personal networks, dedicated to friends and family.

Once you understand what LinkedIn’s purpose is, find out how this network can help your business to achieve better results

Tips to have an attractive business page


As it happens in Facebook,  it is also common to see in Linkedin,  companies  as individual profile, instead of a company page.

The procedure to correct this is in first step create a personal profile, and only after that,  create the Company Page.

If you use an individual profile for your company, it will end up harming the search for contacts that Linkedin offers.


In the company page, you can put all the data of your business, such as  the name of the company, the service area, the number of employees, among other options.

Be sure you have all the data filled in correctly.

This is the information the consumer will check,  the first time he visits your Company Page.

The more information you give to the consumer, the more he will trust in your company.


Keep your company page up to date. Having a page with no information or almost none, will decrease the interest of the users, because they will think that page of your company is already old.

Share quality content like articles, news, videos, check out various groups and discuss with other members.

Enjoy and make good contacts with other companies of same or different areas of business.

Don’t  you have a Company Page in Linkedin ? Don’t wait longer, Create One.

If you need us to do it, have a look on our services of Social Networks Management


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