Written in 26.01.2017 • By João Alves • in Social Networks
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Written in 26.01.2017 • By João Alves • in Social Networks
1,626 reading(s)

What are social networks trends on the year 2017?
Social networks as they were initially known,  meeting plataforms of promoting relationships, nowadays are much more than that. These changes are due to the marks that took them of assault, happening to be important tools of marketing and communication for any company.

These platforms are constantly looking to attract more and more users and keep those who are already present, so it is  often that new tools appear for users to communicate.

In case you have a brand present in social networks, this article is a must-read if you want to be aware of some aspects to keep in mind during the year 2017, regarding the new tools available in social networks.

Video (live)

imagem a demonstrar como se começa a fazer um video em directo no FacebookThe videos were in great prominence in the year 2016. This success is due to several platforms such as YouTube, which launched the live videos; later Facebook did the same. Videos are very successful because they are contents of easy acceptance, but also because of easy consumption. In 2017 the highlight goes, not for the “regular” videos, but for the “live” videos. Instagram is the new social network that includes live videos app.

Gifs + Emoji

Gifs and emoji are already well known by the users. We have all come across, gifs and emojis in our timelines and even in our mailboxes. This success comes in 2017 to consolidate its position, and we will be witnessing more and more personalized messages with this type of “formats”. It is important that your brand, start to introduce this type of language in communication on social networks.

Virtual reality

mulher de braços no ar a utilizar uns óculos rift de realidade virtualAlthough it is still not seen as an relevant tool in the communication of companies, as many think that only serves for games and consoles, in reality VR will become increasingly present in our days. The great advantage of virtual reality lies in a fact: it is quite immersive.

Augmented Reality

telemovel com o jogo Pokemon Go instalado, montando como funciona a realidade amentadaConfused several times with virtual reality, the augmented reality is totally different. Augmented reality uses the virtual world in conjunction with the real world.

A great example of AR is the game Pokemon Go.

The appearance of devices such as Google Glass and Hololens, among others will contribute to the development of AR.

Social selling

Facebook, Intagram and Pinterest will continue to explore the trade of products within their sites. In Instagram, for instance, users, when publishing a photo of a “look”, will be able to identify the various pieces of clothing, taking the user to the pages of the brands of each piece, contributing to an increase of sales.


conversa entre um robot e uma mulher a enfatizar o progresso dos chatbotsThe bots, equipped with artificial intelligence, will become increasingly present in the conversations in order to satisfy the need of users who don’t want to be waiting for a long time of reply. The bots are programmed to answer any question from consumers without the intervention of a real person. The great advantage of artificial intelligence is the learning taken from the interactions users make over time, in order to improve bots responses given to consumers.

Tell us what was your favourite  trend for 2017.

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