What’s New in 2017 for eCommerce ?

Written in 09.03.2017 • By João Alves • in Ecommerce
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What’s New in 2017 for eCommerce ?

Written in 09.03.2017 • By João Alves • in Ecommerce
1,796 reading(s)

2016 has shown us all an excellent year for online sales. Online commerce is booming, and several studies show that by 2020 online sales worldwide will reach $ 27 trillion; an increase of 5 trillion than in 2016.

Stay tuned to some of the transformations that will happen throughout the year in the sales plan through the internet.


Chatbot da pizzahut onde se pode encomendar uma pizza através do messanger do Facebook. in 2017 most users will have contact for the first time with a chatbot. The bots are endowed with artificial intelligence, being able to answer any question asked by a human.
The great advantage of bots is that companies do not need to have a person constantly answer all the asked questions, improving the response times to consumers, another of the advantages is that they learn from each interaction users perform, with the intention to improve the responses that are given to consumers.

Social Networks as Sales Platforms

Sales through social networks, or social selling, will become a reality in our future. Currently on Facebook it is already possible to add tag in photographs to indicate the price of the product and where you can buy it. In addition to Facebook, Instagram will also have a feature with the same goal.

The end of the Payment Cards

Loja Amazon Go em Seatle, mostrando uma mulher a fazer uma compra.The end of the wallets full of cards is coming soon. This revolution will occur as there are more and more consumers with mobile and wearable devices as well as merchants with new payment formats. Payments will no longer be made with cash or cards, when users are using the smartphone, smartwatch or other type of wearable.
The biggest example of this pay-as-you-go revolution is Amazon’s Seatle store, Amazon Go. In this store, people only need to have the Amazon Go app, and scan it. Then choose the products, while several sensors analyze and add to your account the products chosen. When users leave the store, they will receive the invoice on the mobile phone.

What is the next thing to buy?

Sellers will look for data and consumer profiles. Companies are going to start looking closely at all the information about customer interactions and what their profile is. In this way they try to understand what are the consumers preferences, habits and even what their next purchase will be, based on the profile of other similar consumers.
2017 promises to be a great year for online sales. In case your business still does not have an online store, then this is the ideal time to start betting on online trading.

Don’t miss the opportunity to start selling online now.

Talk to us and find out how you can have an online store.

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